Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The First Blog.......................

So here we go my 1st blog.

What do I write about? Am I meant to be saying what I've been doing? or am doing? going to do? thinking about? Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ok I've got it.
  • Been doing - Work
  • Doing now - Work
  • Going to do - Work
  • Thinking about - Work

The life of an Architecture Student.

I am currently doing some research for my final year in Grad. Dip. Architecture at Leeds Metropolitan University where I am thinking about doing a project for a Camphill Community in the North York Moors. I am hoping to tackle the difficulties of designing within a National Park, jobs for the local community, providing a sustainable building for a sustainable community and other design issues like disabled access.

The Camphill Community is Botton Village, some of you may of seen it on Britains Wierdest Villages, which was a bad portrayal of the caring community. They currently provide adults who have learning disabilities and mental health problems and other special needs with the support needed to build a fulfilling life which includes home, work, education, friendship, social and cultural opportunities and spiritual inspiration.

What I would like to introduce into this community is a specialist college for young adults aged 16+ with moderate to severe learning disabilities. There are currently 4 Camphill Communities in England and Wales with specialist colleges. Each college has its own atmosphere and approach to education. All aim to develop practical skills for everyday life and stimulate creativity, building confidence and achievement so that students are motivated and in control of themselves. The students develop an established identity, a greater ability to communicate and the self confidence to cope with adult life. Which is important everyone and more so for those with learning disabilities.

A bit of babble, but what does everyone think?

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