Monday, 23 November 2009

The Proposal

After weeks of volunteering at Botton Village and researching different matters, I have pin-pointed a few issues that I think need to be addressed to sustain the community. These issues are:
  • social boundary between the Botton community and other local communities
  • the struggle to attract permanent co-workers and house parents
  • the negative preconception of the community by people not involved with the community
  • the village is perceived as the 'strangest village in Britain'

The voluntary work also gave me insight into how the community works and it seems to me that a routine and equal involvement of each individual is important. Also with the working community, the land and farming is important to the sustainability of the community. Farming follows the principles of Biodynamic Agriculture, and at the moment none of results of following the principles have been proven scientifically because the principles are related to spirits and energy of lunar cycles.

Therefore I propose to design a Institute of Biodynamic Research. This building will be at the forefront of Biodynamic Research which will involve the community. I also plan to generate:

  • a space that can both provide a sterile environment to carry out labaratory tests and provide a workplace for a special community.
  • a place for both the immediate community and surrounding communities to encourage social interaction and sharing of knowledge.
  • to provide a comforting and healthy environment that gives a sense of spirit and energy.
  • a building that portrays the caring and sustainable community as a whole and shows visitors to the village that this community is innovative and inspiring.
  • provides a work and social place for the community.
  • attracts future co-workers and house parents to the village to ensure this is a sustainable community.
  • plays a leading role in the future of sustainable living, building, technology and work.
  • generates an economy that benefits the surrounding communities

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